Rachel Washington
Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm a graphic designer currently located in St Augustine, Florida. I received my Bachelors of Art degree in Graphic Design from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2013 and my Masters of Science degree in Digital Media Management from Arkansas State University in 2018.
Elevated Design Co. is my freelance company that I started after graduating from PBA. The company is based on the idea that design can be worth more than what we see - it can be elevated to a new purpose.
Every company, person, start-up, non-profit, etc. can benefit from good design. The problem is most of these aren't able to afford the services of graphic design companies! So, instead, they handle design on their own or within their budget.
That's where elevated comes in.
Graphic design is a passion of mine. It can take the ordinary and make it beautiful and effective. But, helping people is a passion, too. I love being able to help people reach their design goals, even if they have small budgets. I believe that good design should be available to everyone.
Need some design work done? Let's grab a cup of coffee from The Kookaburra and discuss your design needs.